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Significant Cases

Sumner and Ted Meeker recently represented victims in an out-of-state auto accident resulting in a several hundred thousand dollar settlement in favor of their clients. The suit was to be filed in North Carolina.
Sumner successfully defended a regional construction firm against tort claims in excess of $2.0 million for failure to remediate mold in a multi-million dollar apartment renovation in North Atlanta.
In a case of first impression, Sumner successfully defended a commercial tenant being sued by its landlord for rent accruing after eviction. Sumner argued the lease agreement did not specifically state the tenant was liable for post-eviction rent, and absent such language the tenant did not owe rent after eviction. Bentley-Kessinger, Inc. v. Jones, 186 Ga App 466 (1988).
On the basis of undue influence, Sumner successfully set aside two real property deeds signed by a decedent over a year prior to her death. The deeds, prepared by the decedent’s daughter, along with other estate documents, gave the daughter almost the entire $2.0 million estate, rather than placing the assets in trust for the decedent’s mentally challenged son as the decedent had intended. Schaffer v. Fox, 303 Ga. App. 584 (2010).
Sumner won summary judgment in Cobb County Superior Court on behalf of a sister, enforcing a simple two-page handwritten agreement to divide their mother’s $2.0 million estate contrary to the Will, avoiding a lengthy jury trial.
Sumner also successfully defended a sister who served as executrix of her mother’s estate from claims of fraud, undue influence and mismanagement of estate assets. The bench trial lasted less than two days before a verdict was rendered in favor of Sumner’s client.
In Troup County, Sumner successfully defended a father who had guaranteed a portion of his son’s business debt from claims against the father’s assets.
Sumner recently served as mediator in a dispute among family members regarding their mother’s multi-million dollar estate. The lengthy mediation concluded with the parties entering a settlement agreement subsequently approved by the Fayette County Probate Court.


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